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      • Gotta wonder. Do you know in the list of docs taking patients that the nurse gave me when I was in the hospital. There is a Dr. on that list that has been charged with sexually abusing his patients. He’s still allowed to practice but must have a chaperone. How sick is that?! In in process of getting a report done on my Internist for doing the same and I’m thinking what’s the point. I go through reporting, there may be hearing which I’d have to be at even if I’ve moved away and what will they do if he’s found guilty? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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        • Well I don’t know. If I was a woman I’d be very leery of a doctor whose been sexually abusing his patients, even if he did have a chaperone. That can’t be good for his business. I don’t think any doctor wants to be found guilty of any kind of wrongdoing.

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          • I’d stay clear. Apparently he’s very mean and rude to his patients too. He blows off their concerns to the detriment of their lives. Why he’s allowed to stay in practice is beyond me. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

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