Unicorn Beams

Gibber Bags the First Unicorn

Our very first unicorn comes from Gibber Jabberin. Gibber, you’ve made history, and will forever be remembered as the first blogger to ever catch a unicorn!

Gibber is asking a unique question. Which is: “Why is it that it’s socially acceptable for men to be hairy but not women? What crazy person came up with this rule? How can we change it?”

If you’re a veteran blogger you may remember Gibber Jabberin’s blog, which was called, uh, hmm . . . I just can’t remember the name of it. Anyhow, it was quite a bit like what I’m attempting now, on Chasing Unicorns.

Back in the day, you could submit a question to Gibber Jabberin, and then her followers would chip in with crazy, wack-a-doodle answers. Boy, she had some wild, free-wheeling commentary going on there, in her blogging heyday. It was great fun.

Then she got busy with a candle-making business and quit her blog. So we slapped her a few times, shook her, and said, “Gibber, what the hell! Get back to blogging! We miss you!” She finally relented, and she and I collaborated on a revival of Gibber Jabberin.

That only lasted a few months though, and then I got too busy to deal with it, and Gibber Jabberin closed down again.

So now what I’m trying to do is introduce a version of the Gibber Jabberin concept to Chasing Unicorns. I’m such a copycat, aren’t I? I guess I’m just too lazy to come up with something original. However, in the interest of uniqueness and unicorns, I’ve at least put a unique little twist on the concept.

Instead of limiting the forum to just questions and answers, I’ve expanded it to include much more than that. Now you can submit anything unique, such as a unique observation, unique opinion, unique experience, unique life situation, or anything else. Just as long as it’s unique.

For example, we don’t want to hear that you ate a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast this morning. That’s just too damn mundane and boring. But if you noticed fly larvae in your spoon of Wheaties, while lifting it to your wide-open mouth, then we definitely want to hear about it. That would be frickin’ unique (I hope), and I’m sure we could all have fun commenting about it.

Okay, I hope that’s all clear. Now, let’s get back to Gibber Jabberin’s unicorn. It happens to be a unique question. Why, Gibber, why? Don’t you understand that it doesn’t have to be a question anymore? Oh well, maybe you can’t teach an old blog new tricks.

But alright, there’s our unicorn for the day. A unique question from Gibber Jabberin which, in case you’ve forgotten after this long-winded spiel, is in the 2nd paragraph of this post.

Now it’s your turn to come up with unique answers, observations, or other unique comments related to Gibber’s question. Don’t hold back. We’re itching to hear from you. Or maybe those are fleas.

Please leave your comments below, and let’s have some fun!

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  1. My $0.02: our society likes to infantilize women. Hairy women are adult. Hairless women are perceived as younger, more childlike and malleable; less threatening. Our society seems to think the most beautiful women are those that have the bodies of 10 year olds, but with large silicone breasts.

    On the other hand, hairy men are the ideal – they are seen as powerful and virile.

    But even then, there are conditions to the hairiness. Hair on the head is good for a man; hair on the chest perhaps not as desirable as it covers up the musculature; hair on the back? A definite no-no!

    Women: hair on legs or in armpits? Disgusting! Men: no hair on legs or in armpits? That is just weird!

    What a strange society we live in…Deb

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    • Which gets back to one of Gibber’s questions: What crazy person came up with this rule?

      It wasn’t me. I don’t care that I’m bald, I use the hair on my chest to cover up my ribs, and I’m not sure if I have hair on my back, as I can’t see back there.

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  2. I don’t know whose rule it is, Gibber, but I say re-write it! Throw away your razor and pay no mind to the stares and expressions of distaste in the gym locker room. In order for societal change to occur, someone must go first. I’ll be checking the news to see when Gillette goes out of business. Or move to Europe, an equal opportunity body-hairiness continent. 🙂

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  3. Womem can’t be hairy because it’s a societal construct that deems hairless women to be more attractive or “ladylike” (ugh). It’s incredibly manufactured. I don’t watch porn but I’ve heard a lot about how women have hairless vaginas and no pubs in sight. That’s bizzare to me. So it’s okay for a man to have a super hairy penis but the woman has to look like an inflatable doll with not an inch of body hair anywhere?

    I do shave my armpits, but only for convenience so when I sweat during exercise I feel less icky. IDGAF about hair on my legs though. I’ve gone out in skirts or shorts without shaving. Bring on the stares. 😈

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