Business As Snoozual

In yesterday’s post I hinted that some changes were in the works for Chasing Unicorns. Yessirree there are. Because I’m not a business-as-usual kind of guy. Nosirree.

But I hope I didn’t leave you with the wrong impression about me. I do like change, this is true. Change is wonderful. I love the refreshing novelty of doing something new. But what I don’t like is having to work hard to achieve change. That’s because I’m a business-as-snoozual kind of guy.

This is me, trying to dream up a new post.

I want to rest and relax and let other people achieve change for me. I want to enjoy all the neat, new things people provide. As long as they don’t disturb my nap. That would be anathema. (And you know what anathema means, don’t you Just Joan 42?)

They say the smartest people are the laziest. That’s because they come up with all kinds of ingenious ways to get out of work. So, lazy as I am, I put on my thinking cap the other day and tried real hard to be smart. It hurt. Thinking is not a practice I approach lightly. I don’t allow myself to think this hard except maybe two or three times per year.

But ala kazam and zippedy doo! What do you know? A 14-watt, LED 100-watt equivalent light bulb switched on above my head. I got an idea!

My idea is to let my followers help me out with my blog.

My blog is about chasing unicorns. Unicorn is code for unique. So the purpose of my blog is to chase after uniqueness.

That’s why my posts tend to be eclectic. One day I might post about fabric softener. Some other day I might post about a national park I visited, or something historical. I aim for variety. I try to keep my posts unique, just like a unicorn is unique.

And when my lazy, lame brain can’t come up with anything unique, I steal a unique quote from some unsuspecting celebrity.

Uniqueness is all a part of change. The more change we experience, the more uniqueness we experience. This is where you, my followers, come into my brilliant, 14-watt, LED 100-watt equivalent idea. You can provide change to my blog by submitting unique things, that I will post for you.

For instance, if you have a unique question, or a unique idea, or maybe you’re in a unique situation, you can submit it to Chasing Unicorns. Or let’s say you’ve had a unique experience, or you recently learned something unique. Or whatever the heck it is, as long as it’s unique, you can submit it to this blog.

I’ll post it for you. And I’ll even post a link to your blog, to give you some free advertisement. Then the rest of us can look at the “unicorn” you sent me, and make smart-ass wise-ass dumb-ass unique comments about it. In this way, we’ll be creating more unicorns, with our comments.

There will be no rules, except the ones I make up as we go along. And I’d rather not make up any because I’m too lazy to enforce rules. So please try to keep it halfway civilized.

This I think, could be a perfect plan. Just let my wacky, nutty, crazy followers write my blog for me. What could possibly go wrong?

There are two new pages at the top of this blog that explain the whole unicorn submission process in detail. The page entitled, What’s a Unicorn? will hopefully give you a better idea of how I define a unicorn. And the page entitled, Unicorn Teleporting Pod will explain how to transport your unicorn to my blog.

But if you’re as lazy as me, and don’t want to read those pages, I’ll make it real simple, right here. Just send your unicorn to the following email address:

And I’ll take it from there.

Alright, enough of this chit-chat. It’s time for my nap, and it’s time for you to start chasing unicorns. Get on out there and catch some one-horned beasts for me, and teleport them in. Hopefully the fun can begin tomorrow, with a brand new, unique post from a follower.

I’m really looking forward to the changes you add to my blog. But as for now I’m feeling sleepy. So it’s time for me to get right down to some business.

Business as snoozual.

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  1. Great idea! Kind of like having guest posters, like I did – saved me having to come up with all those posts on my own. Perhaps you’ll get as lucky as I did and have someone like Paul Curran sign up with you. If it weren’t for him, my blog wouldn’t be where it is now (’cause you know I’m right there at the top), and people still come back to read his stories.

    If I can think of something unique, I’ll send it to you. If you feel like guest posting, you can contact me. Deal?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul could sure write a good post. The crazy thing was, he never had a blog of his own.

      This is sort of like guest posting, but nothing real lengthy is needed. It could be just a one-sentence, unique observation. Or a short paragraph. Or something long, if you want. Just as long as it’s unique.

      If I can find someone to write a guest post for me, that I can submit to your blog, then maybe we can make a deal.


  2. Sounds like you’re trying to pull a Huck Finn (or was it Tom Sawyer?) move on us ~ trying to get us to whitewash Aunt Polly’s dang-burned fence for you.

    Well I’m not falling for it!

    I’m going to sit over there under that tree chomping on an apple and keep one eye open to see who you do manage to recruit. 😀

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    • Sounds great. Not that you’re tired of your blog, though, as I have a lot of fun reading what you (or your guests) have been posting.

      But if you’ve got yerself one of them there unicorns, go ahead and put it in the unicorn teleporting pod. I’m looking forward to it.

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  3. What a unique idea… get us to think up the ideas and write the blog for you! I can tell you what rhymes with anathema, but what it means?
    OK, I’m back from DictionaryLand. Anathema is an “object of loathing.” For me, that would be a dustcloth, or someone who doesn’t jiggle the handle and lets the toilet run all day. My life is very ordinary… but I believe my dog may be a unicorn in disguise. He does all sorts of unique things. Maybe I will teleport you the details right after I finish dusting and paying my outrageous water bill. 🙂

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  4. I would love to help out. Any friend of CM’s is….someone I might be able to borrow money from. Committed as I am to 3 posts a week on my site, it’s all I can do to stay ahead of my own self-imposed schedule. If it weren’t for stealing other people’s jokes, and republishing them as if they were mine, I would owe WordPress. Best of luck in your….uh, other folks, endeavors. 🙂

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