Movin’ On Up

Chasing Unicorns is movin’ on up. I’ve upgraded to WordPress’s Premium Plan.

After eight years of freeriding off WordPress, and four or five or six different blogs—heck I can’t even count them all—I’ve finally stumbled into a blog that I’ve stuck with longer than it takes snow to melt from a hot pile of manure.

For some reason Chasing Unicorns has grown on me, and I think I’m going to keep it around a while. So why not reward this blog, and my loyal followers, by bedizening it with an upgrade?

The Premium Plan costs $96 a year. I’ve felt a little skeptical about what I could get from prying my wallet open that wide, and that’s one thing that was holding me back.

But so far it seems worth the dough. One of my favorite things is the unlimited Premium themes. These themes, that you have to pay for, seem to come with more versatility and better artistic design.

I opted for the Broadsheet theme. It’s priced at $79 for those with the Free or Personal Plan. But it’s nothing extra when you’re a Premium Plan subscriber.

I love the Advanced Design Customization. You can tweak the hell out of your theme, and come up with all kinds of unique designs. In fact, I’ve tweaked my Broadsheet theme so much, you’d swear I was a meth head.

I also got a new domain name. Now my blog can be found under two domains–the one I’ve had all along, and a new one with “wordpress” removed. And so now you can find me at, as well as It ain’t no big deal, just snob value, really. But somehow it seems to add legitimacy to a website. By the way, you can also get this feature with the Personal Plan, which only costs $48 per year.

I get 13GB of storage space also, as opposed to the 4GB that comes with the Free Plan. This helps me relax. I use a lot of photos and have been getting worried about bumping up against my top limit.

Something that puzzles me is that I’m now paying for “Advanced Social Media”. This allows me to schedule my social media posts in advance. Hmm, I’ve been able to do that all along, with the Free Plan. Has WordPress just not noticed, and let me get away with something? Or has WordPress hoped I wouldn’t notice that I’ve had this feature all along, and they think they’re the ones getting away with something?

All in all, I’m very happy with the upgrade. And I hope you will be too.

And now that Chasing Unicorns is upgraded, it’s also going to change directions a little. Sometimes you have to zig, zag, and jink around to catch more unicorns. This change is still in the works, but I think I’ll be introducing it very soon.

Thank you from the calcified chambers of my heart for following me. I hope you’ll enjoy the new flavor of my blog.

Please stay tuned, and always keep up the chase!

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  1. It’s cool that you keep both addresses and that they both go to the same place. I started a different blog in 08 that I moved to premium in 2010, but my address didn’t automatically redirect to my newer address. All of my three followers had to re-bookmark the site.

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  2. Congratulations on the upgrade. Hope you find it worth the extra cash. Personally, I opted at the very beginning to go halfway – I pay WP to have my own domain name, and I also pay for the “no ads” option. Since I don’t care to change my theme, it works out well for me. I think altogether I pay about $40 or $50 a year. Not overly costly for what’s basically a hobby that keeps me happy.

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    • Changing a theme is a pain in the butt, so I understand not doing that. I had my last theme for about two-and-a-half years. I’ll probably have this new one for about that long, also.

      I agree, it’s not a l lot of money for a hobby. There are much more expensive ways to pass the time.

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  3. No way would I pay $96 to upgrade my blog. I picked a simple (free) design when I started and haven’t ever thought about changing it. I’ve only used about 1% of my allotted space… at that rate, I could blog for 297 more years without worry. Readers can just ignore the ads that appear on my blog, same as they ignore them everywhere else. $96 buys a lot of avocados and coffee beans, and I’d rather be a guacamole and French press snob than a WordPress snob. Enjoy your new clothes, Mr. Emperor. 🙂

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  4. I said I would never, ever pay to blog and yet I upgraded earlier this year … and in Cdn $ it was more than $96 😉 I just wanted the extra space. The way I rationalized it is that … well, I couldn’t really, it was just a whim.

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    • I remember noticing a change in your blog’s appearance sometime this year, so I guess you adopted one of those premium themes. Are you happy with upgrade? Is it worth the Canadian dollars, to you?


      • I didn’t really pay attention to whether it was a premium theme or not. I just knew that after 5 years, my blog needed a facelift.
        I upgraded purely for the extra space. In that respect, mission accomplished. I rationalized it by thinking that I get a lot of enjoyment out of blogging and the $100’ish per year for the extra space makes it a pretty reasonably priced hobby. I have other activities that are WAY more expensive 🙂

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