Electrical Safety Tips

I’m no electrician, but I once learned about electrons and protons in high school science. I’ve also had a bit of “hands-on” experience with electricity, and learned a few rather shocking lessons. My concern for humanity has overcome my embarrassment, and leads me to warn others not make the same mistakes I’ve made. So here are a few safety tips concerning electricity. Please read them carefully. They could just save your ass:

  1. Always use a wood-handled knife when making toast.
  2. “Ground” isn’t just dirt, it’s also water. And it even includes your bare feet standing in the water.
  3. Never clean your breaker box with a garden hose.
  4. Aluminum conducts electricity. Who would’ve thought? Never set your soda can on top of exposed wires.
  5. Never, I repeat, never, use copper wire for kite string.
  6. Always drain the swimming pool before trying to change a burned-out pool light.
  7. When taking a bath, always set the Boom Box on the floor and not on the tub ledge.
  8. You can’t escape lightning by climbing a tree.
  9. If a toddler shoves a nail into an electrical outlet, put on a leather glove before pulling it out.
  10. Some house wire insulation is colored black. This denotes power. It also symbolizes loss of consciousness.


Bonus Tip: If you hire an electrician, don’t try to assist him while he’s out on his lunch break.

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  1. Thanks for the guidance ~> none of these would make my list of “favorite mistakes.” Instead they are mistakes that are NOT worth making!

    Is #6 true? Or are there access panels for changing the underwater bulbs?

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    • I just checked out some how-to’s online. That would have been a good idea a long time ago. Anyway, apparently there’s a long cord on the light housing, allowing you to take it above the surface of the water, before you pull out the bulb. Of course, there’s always the danger of dropping the light back into the pool, while replacing the bulb. So maybe it would also be a good idea to cut the power to the pool before doing anything.


  2. Electricity is not something to play around with. Even the professionals get hurt. I had a good friend who was a licensed electrician and got electrocuted. Fortunately, that’s rare. My daughter dated a different electrician, and that guy told us lots of “fun” stories about being shocked on the job. I always hire a professional for any electrical work we need to have done, and hope that the worker knows what he’s doing ’cause I sure don’t.

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  3. Love them all, Tippy. Experience is a great teacher. My favorite is #1, toast is tricky and you want to be prepared. I once installed a ceiling fan and when I went out to the fuse box to flip the power back on, I discovered that I hadn’t ever actually shut it off. Oops. 🙂


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