Stolen Quote: Science

The general public has long been divided into two parts: Those who think science can do anything, and those who are afraid it will. ~ Dixie Lee Ray, Governor of Washington State

And then there are the science-deniers, such as daredevil stuntman and flat-earth researcher, Mad Mike Hughes. The latest news on Mad Mike is that he has postponed his launch into the troposphere, indefinitely, while he addresses some mechanical and logistical issues. Mad Mike has also clarified that the purpose of this launch in his steam-powered rocket is simply to establish a world record that nobody can break, as well as raise awareness of his flat-earth cause. He admits he cannot prove that the earth is flat until he can figure out how to launch his rocket to a much higher altitude than 1,800 feet. Here’s a little youtube update from Mad Mike himself, via the Flat Earth Network:

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