Three-Day Notice

Note: This is a follow-up to Jake, Lisa, & the IRS, my post of April 25, 2017.

Lisa has rented a house from my father-in-law, Jake, for nearly 25 years. And Lisa hasn’t paid rent for over 20 of those years. Jake won’t admit that, but my wife and I know. We’ve been looking at his financial records.

Lisa hasn’t paid rent, because she was Jake’s mistress. Her free rent was pussy-pay.

This was an affair that Jake hid from my mother-in-law until she died last December. The affair ended years ago, but not the need for continuing the cover-up, in the form of continuous free rent. Hush money.

But after my mother-in-law died, Jake decided he’d had enough of Lisa’s freeloading. He told her she had to move or start paying her monthly dues.

Lisa did neither.

Finally after much gut-wrenching irresolution, Jake decided to evict her. On a hot summer day, Lisa was served a three-day notice to get the hell out.

But the pussy-purveyor wouldn’t leave.

And so she was served with a lawsuit for unlawful detainer.

That didn’t faze her. She stayed put, and made nary an effort to move out of her cathouse. She was a tenant and she knew her rights. Which are much stronger than a landlord’s rights.

This led to a notice from the sheriff’s department, officially instructing her to vacate the premises within five days.

Instead, she filed an “ex parte stay of execution unlawful detainer” motion. This mouthful of words allowed her an emergency court hearing, where she could request an additional 40 days to move.

Jake hired an attorney.

On a Wednesday, her motion was summarily denied. On Thursday morning the sheriff showed up at Lisa’s door. Lisa was already gone. It had taken 43 days and over $1,000 in legal fees from the date she was served with the initial three-day notice to get out, before she actually got out.

But at last, the pussy-pusher was vanquished.

However she left behind her crazy sister. Her sister wept hysterically, and angrily threatened lawsuits, and called the deputies “assholes”. But she finally complied and left the property, only to stand one foot off the property line, while haranguing my wife and me with all kinds of invectives, pleadings, and crazy nonsense.

We ignored the crazy lady as best as possible while changing the locks. Meanwhile, Jake stayed at home. He’s an invalid so he couldn’t change the locks, himself. And besides, this is a scene he wanted to stay as far away from as possible.

Even so, it got to him. Jake fell ill later that day and took an ambulance ride to the hospital. Now he is lying on what could very well be his deathbed.

Lisa also left behind her nephew, who was living in the backyard in a motor home. He was very pleasant and left peacefully. But he complained that he had been paying rent to Lisa, and that she didn’t tell him about the eviction until the day before. He claimed Lisa owed some of that rent money back to him.

The crazy sister claimed the same thing.

And Lisa left behind one cat, three dogs, two full-grown pigs (big, hog-sized pigs, not those little potbellies), and four chickens.

Lisa also left behind piles and piles of junk in her front yard, backyard, garage, and within the house itself. Lisa is a hoarder.

A small example of the mess Lisa left behind.

It will take months of work and thousands of dollars to restore this house into rentable condition. Karma is a sneaky son-of-a-bitch. Jake has been wanting out of this world for a long time. But he hasn’t been able to escape before this mountain fell upon him.

As Jake lies on what is likely his deathbed, he has to deal with the consequences of his cheating past. And so do my wife and me, in our efforts to clean up the mess Lisa and Jake left behind.

So I’m gonna be busy for a while. It may affect my posting regularity on this blog, and my reading and commenting on other blogs. Be advised.

This is your three-day notice.

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  1. Oh Tippy. The cast of characters that complicate your life doesn’t seem to end, does it? 😦
    Best of luck with the mountain of trash ahead of you. Maybe if the gods are good and just, there will be a gold lining in there for you somewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. There is a gold lining, or at least silver. It’s in the form of a 20-yard rolloff dumpster. And a few of her kids are helping with the cleanup. It will still be expensive for Jake, but hopefully not as bad as anticipated.


  2. It might have caught up to Jake, but seems you and wifey are taking the brunt of it. Unfair, but that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. At least Lisa is gone. And her sister. And her nephew. And the RV. I hope she took her pets; if not, you get a free mouse-catcher, a trio of watchdogs, a hog roast, and maybe some fresh eggs. I’d get one of those rent-a-dumpsters and start chucking… or pay a crew of workers and let them handle it. It might save you coming across a closetful of S&M items or other stuff you really don’t want to know. 🙂

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    • Fortunately, she’s arranged to have all her pets picked up. Her nephew got the pigs and one dog (where he took them, I don’t know), the crazy sister got another dog, and she came back and got the last dog. A neighbor got the cat. Somebody (I don’t know who), collected the chickens.

      Yep, we’re getting a rolloff dumpster, and most of the work will be done by someone else (including some of Lisa’s family members). It will still cost us money, but it’s all coming out of Jake’s wallet. The big headache for us is the time it’s taking us to coordinate all of this.


  3. ACK! Life can be wonderful . . . in between the messy bits. Best of luck to your father-in-law ~ hope he doesn’t have to hang out in the hospital for too long.

    And good luck to you!

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