Funny Signs

When you want someone to take you seriously, put up a sign. Signs have all the authority of a deadpan official with zero sense of humor. So I always enjoy the irony when I find a sign that cracks me up. The following are a few such discoveries my camera and I have made over the years:

That’s okay, I’ve got some new clothes and shoes. Look out below!

It creates a safety hazard, you see. Makes the floors slippery.

But how else can anyone have fun riding in an elevator?

You may have guessed that I did not discover this sign in Utah.

So even if you’re too short to deface this sign, you must report your injuries.

I always get a little laugh out of this sign.

This sign appeals to rebels like me. Why, I could stare at it all day long.

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  1. The last one is priceless. I’d like to hear the story behind that one!!

    … and for elevator sign, I can’t help wonder what event(s) triggered the necessity for that one! You can be sure it wasn’t just a random, just-in-case kind of sign 😉

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    • I saw that last sign at a tourist trap in the Yukon. I’m guessing it’s an example of the Canadian sense of humor.

      The elevator sign leaves me feeling lucky. I’ve made a regular habit of jumping in elevators, never suspecting it could cause a malfunction. Guess it’s time to grow up.

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  2. A sign is always there for a reason (well, except maybe the last one…) so I’m guessing jumping in the elevator can break it? How about trying to go down the “up” escalator? Will that cause any problems? Well, some woman in Sears seemed to think so when I tried it. (No, not yesterday. When I was eight.) I’m always amused by caution tags on the items I buy… Do people really try to trim bushes with a lawnmower? Why would they use a hairdryer in the shower? Etc. 🙂

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    • I think those caution tags are CYA, to protect companies from idiots. But I’ll bet some dummy was using a hair dryer in a shower once, then got electrocuted and filed a lawsuit. The judge must have had a hard time laughing, during the trial.

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  3. Great sign. I look for them too. My favorite (which I can’t seem to copy) was at the top of the Shilthorn mountain in Switzerland at a path to climb down the mountain. It had a picture of a stiletto heel, with the universal NO sign. I thought it was kind of obvious at the time, but Melanie Trump still lived in Europe 😏

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