The Once-Forbidden Fruit

I recently visited the state of Colorado, which is one of the first states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. During my peradventure at the high altitudes, I noticed a profusion of advertisements for this leafy product.

This service station in Colorado offers an unusual mix of products.

The ads left me curious. I wanted to try the substance myself. I’ve never smoked marijuana, but there was that one time many years ago when I got a buzz from second-hand fumes. In other words, I’m the opposite of Bill Clinton. I’ve never smoked it, but I have inhaled.

The stuffy relatives I visited were all against grass, and did not like their new, libertine laws, so I decided not to wear out my welcome by experimenting. But in less than six months, recreational marijuana will be available for purchase right here in my great home state of California.

California, you usually lead the way in liberal social trends. What the hell has happened to you? Why have you been lagging so far behind?

But better late than never. In six months I’ll be able to sashay down to a local pot shop and pick up a dose of cannabis, and all in the name of recreation rather than some fake medical excuse.

I suppose if they ever legalize prostitution in Colorado, their service stations can offer gas, grass, and ass.

So now I’m debating internally as to whether or not I should actually try it. Shall I pluck the once-forbidden fruit and consume it? Will it open my eyes? Or will it destroy my personal Eden?

I decided to do some research, and see what the experts have to say about the dangers and benefits from marijuana use. Here’s what I have discovered:

A 3% increase in collision claims has occurred in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. ~ Highway Loss Data Institute.

No significant increase in vehicle accident fatalities. ~ American Journal of Public Health.

Highway fatalities in Colorado are at near historic lows. ~ The Washington Post

Traffic searches by highway patrols in Colorado and Washington dropped by nearly half after the two states legalized marijuana in 2012. ~ NBC News

It’s nice to know you don’t have to buy marijuana in order to get gassed in Colorado.

Casual marijuana use is linked to brain abnormalities. ~ Northwestern University

Marijuana disorients the mind, affects memory, reduces physical coordination, causes rapid heart beat, causes bronchitis and cancer, sterilizes men and disrupts the menstrual cycle of women, deforms sperm cells, and causes birth defects. ~ Foundation for a Drug-Free World

Marijuana improves memory in older mice. ~ University of Bonn, Germany

It’s a myth that marijuana causes sterility, and marijuana has little evidence implicating it in fetal harm, unlike alcohol, cocaine or tobacco. ~ http://www.canorml.org/healthfacts/healthmyths.html

Marijuana is unlikely to cause head, neck, or lung cancer. ~ Daniel E. Ford, MD, John Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore

Continued use of cannabis causes violent behavior. ~ Journal of Psychological Medicine

Legalizing marijuana will eliminate much of the violence and corruption that currently characterizes marijuana markets. ~ Cato Institute

Marijuana use has adverse effects on your aura and soul. ~ http://cosmic-living.com/uncategorized/is-marijuana-ok-from-a-spiritual-point-of-view/

Marijuana balances your system, alleviates worry, expands the mind, heightens consciousness, facilitates meditation, improves self-knowledge, and puts us in touch with universal spiritual values. ~ http://www.benefitsofmarijuana.com

With all the contradictory information and opinions I’ve read from all the above experts, I can only conclude one thing:

They’re all smoking it!

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  1. It’s also an antinflamatory, anti-seizure med, good for pain control and sleep. It’s legal hear and I had a license for a time. I don’t like it and it’s expensive but can be very beneficial and it’s much safer than most prescription meds.

    Then there’s all the different kinds. Sateeva, Indica, high cbd low thc, equal, or high thc, low cbd…

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    • Oh yeah, all the different brand names and stuff really kill me.

      I don’t know about Canada, but down here marijuana is against federal law, though allowed by many states. So the federal government doesn’t allow medical research on it. As a result there is very little known, scientifically, about all the great medical benefits, even though many states allow “medical” use. We are all so very weird in this country, with our approach to this herb.

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      • Maybe that will change with your new “leader?”
        Indica strains with high cbd low or no tch are good for pain, anxiety, epilepsy and sleep and give you no high
        Seteeva stains are good for giving you energy bad for epilepsy. You can get these strains in high/low equal parts of cbd and thc. You can also mix Seteeva with Indica. That’s the gist of it. It’s legal here in Alberta with a medical license. Soon to just be completely legal like Colorado. Trudeau is all for it.

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  2. “I’m the opposite of Bill Clinton. I’ve never smoked it, but I have inhaled.” This had me holding my sides, Tippy. Who doesn’t want to be the opposite of Bill Clinton? 🙂

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    • Sounds good to me. And you’d fit right in with Florida. In that state they recently legalized the medical use of marijuana, but they outlawed the smoking of marijuana. So if you want to comply with the law, you have to get out your recipe book, rather than your joint papers.

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  3. People think riding a car while high is dangerous but I think it doesn’t matter. That’s what the statistics seem to say too, so I’m glad! People here in Germany totally tolerate driving drunk to a certain point but not while high. The time will come though! Thanks for the eye-opening article!

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