Blasphemy Galore

An unfortunate man in Pakistan, named Taimoor Raza, was recently sentenced to death for posting blasphemous content on Facebook against the Prophet Muhammed and his two wives.

I didn’t see the posts, so I have no idea just how blasphemous this content is. But when I read news stories like this, I feel very glad to be an American. Here, we can blaspheme to our heart’s content, and face no legal consequences.

I follow no religion, but I am kind of sympathetic toward Buddhism. Nonetheless, it’s refreshing to know that you and I can say something like “Fuck the Buddha!” and not risk going to jail.

But this is mainly a Christian country. Just the same, we can also say, “Fuck Jesus!”, and not risk jail or execution. America. What a country!

I support Taimoor Raza. And as a show of support, I’m going to commit all kinds of blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammed (and his two whoring wives). This is for you, Taimoor:

The Prophet Muhammed is a dirty cocksucker. Not a clean cocksucker. A dirty one. He only likes the dirty cocks that have already been up his ass.

The Prophet Muhammed humps camels and eats pig shit.

The Prophet Muhammed beats his wives when they don’t share any of the money they’ve made from turning tricks.

The Prophet Muhammed is an atheist. (Ooh, that’s a real bad blasphemation.)

The Black Stone at the Kaaba is made out of the dried, hardened shit from the Prophet Muhammed. At one time it was much larger, but the Prophet ate most of it.

If you are an Islamic-American, I suspect you may feel rather disgusted from reading these blasphemous insults. I understand. But I believe that if you truly support our Constitution, you will wholeheartedly support my right to post this material.

It is not enough to just condemn terrorism.

Neither is it enough to just condemn what Pakistan is doing to Taimoor Raza.

If you want to convince me that you truly stand for the American way, you must strongly support my right to post this material.

And you must advocate for Taimoor Raza’s right to do what he did, in Pakistan.

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  1. Tippy, you are FULL of surprises. I support your constitutional right to free speech. It is a shame that Pakistan does not extend the same right to its citizens, but Mr Raza lives where he lives and he needs to be mindful of that when posting his views in a public forum like FB. Or move. Or start a revolution. Or just stay off of FaceBook. 🙂

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    • I wonder if maybe he had reached a point of desperation where he didn’t give a damn about his personal safety anymore.

      But I think if I lived in Pakistan, I would be very quiet about any religious or political views. They’re crazy over there.

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  2. According to the CIA World Fact Book for Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan):
    ⦿ “Pak” from Pashto or Persian for “Pure”, and “stan” for “land” = “Pure Land”.
    ⦿ Capital of “Islamabad” meaning “City of Islam”.
    ⦿ Religions: Muslim (official) 96.4% (Sunni 85-90%, Shia 10-15%), other 3.6% (2010 est.)
    ⦿ Population Distribution: Median Age 22-years, 36% under age 15, 55% under age 25.
    ⦿ Literacy Rate: 59%.
    ⦿ Terrorism: Haqqani Network; Harakat ul-Jihad-i-Islami; Harakat ul-Mujahidin; Hizbul Mujahideen; Indian Mujahedeen; Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham-Khorasan; Islamic State of ash-Sham – India; Islamic State of ash-Sham – Pakistan; Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan; Jaish-e-Mohammed; Jaysh al Adl (Jundallah); Lashkar i Jhangvi; Lashkar-e Tayyiba; Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan; al-Qa’ida; al-Qa’ida in the Indian Subcontinent (2019).
    ⦿ Internally Displaced Persons (IDP): 106,000 (primarily those who remain displaced by counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations and violent conflict between armed non-state groups.

    The patterns of governance through institutionalized ignorance are hard to miss.
    Looking up some articles… Apparently this guy was a minority Shia Muslim who was already being followed by the military and police for other suspicious behaviors. He was initially arrested by an undercover military officer who was following him and heard him listening to something “suspicious” on his mobile phone while waiting at a bus stop. Police then searched his Facebook account, and found that he had made posts that were considered “derogatory” of Muhammad’s wife, Aisha (Shias paint her as unfaithful). Historically, Aisha opposed Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali, who is considered the legitimate inheritor of leadership in Shi’ite Islam. Taimoor Raza was thus sentenced to death for insinuating that the first three caliphs of Sunni Islam were illegitimate. The court was probably trying to get this guy off the street as an emerging terrorist, but did so by effectively criminalizing Shi’ite Islam. I doubt he’ll actually be put to death (stoning a straw effigy, perhaps?), but this sounds like something right out of Medieval history.

    My interest in Pakistan is more in that it’s the world’s worst repository of poorly secured nuclear weapons. They’ve even moved warheads in unsecured, civilian pickup trucks in order to keep their whereabouts secret. Imagine some terrorist group managing to obtain one… smuggle it into Kashmir, Delhi, or maybe Islamabad.

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    • Thanks for the fun facts about Pakistan. It’s kind of worrisome that they move their nuclear weapons via pickup truck. Then again, it’s also kind of ingenious. Who would guess that the 1975 Ford Ranger that just passed you, could destroy an entire city?

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