Blogging in Paradise


So you want too be a blogger?

Theirs nothing harter than writing a goddamned post. 1st you got to spell things rigth corectally. Than you got to corect all the grammer. Otherwise the spelling Nasis and Grammer Nasiz will be all over you.

The wurst thing about riding a post is all the reriding. It take me about a 100 drafts to get it rite.

Blogging is all about removing your bra unbosoming and revealing the inner depths of your heart. Its about telling spreading propagating you’re personal take opinion viewpoint — ah fuck this, check the thesaurus — weltanschauung to the world utilizing simple, easy to understand language.

Then, after youve’ composed a whole danged article, you now have to compost a title. And it better be good, otherwise noone will read or like the post. It doesnt not have to have anything to do about the actual article, but it batter be creative.

I try to follow the examples set by other bloggers, such as

Note: Change names to avoid a lawsuit.

Goober, A Lease, Vick’s Toe, Joneses, Mr. Hatchling, Smile Alarm, and Trench. There stile has inspired me manny times.

So iff ewe want to try blogging, just understand how difficult hard it can be. Hours and ours of labor go into it. You must polish, polish, Polish. Other bloggers rarely like wat you right the first time. What you write.

But if you get just one like, even if its just you’re own. Than its worth it.

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