A few days ago I inadvertently hit the Like button on one of my posts. I started to remove the Like when I thought, “Wait a second, what’s not to like here?”

And then my angels took over.

Good Angel (on my right shoulder): It isn’t fair to Like your own posts.

Evil Angel (on my left shoulder): Who said blogging is fair? Go back and Like all of your posts.

Good Angel: You’ll get stuck up and conceited.

Evil Angel: You already are. And has it harmed you? No, you’re perfect.

Good Angel: It’s trite to Like your own posts.

Evil Angel: It’s trite to engage in this inner debate. Just do it and move on.

Good Angel: What if a post really isn’t that good? If you Like it, then you may not be receptive to constructive feedback from all the non-Likes you don’t receive. Or do receive. Or whatever. Now I’m confused.

Evil Angel: Don’t listen to that confused imbecile! Like, like, like! It’s a war out there and he who dies with the most Likes wins.

I’m still not sure. Can anyone help me with this ethical debate? Is it okay to Like your own posts?

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  1. Once I accidentally liked one of my posts. I actually got a snide comment from Word Press saying something like “aren’t you special, you like one of your own posts.” I haven’t done it since.

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  2. Computers are getting too smart (and snarky). A few years ago, we spent New Year’s Eve at a friends house playing a computer trivia game. It apparently knew the date and called us a bunch of losers for not being out celebrating! Yikes. I’ve never been WP-shamed for liking my own post, but I feel a little weird about it. I mean, of course I like it… I wouldn’t be putting it out for general consumption if I didn’t. πŸ™‚

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    • I guess liking your own posts may be on a par with laughing at your own jokes. Which I sometimes do. And the worst thing about laughing at my own jokes is when no one else laughs, and I just get blank stares.

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      • Laughing at your own jokes is a good thing. Even if no one gets it, at least you’ve amused yourself.
        No moment spent creating joy, even if it’s only your own is ever wasted.
        Or as the late great Robin Williams said,” joke em if they can’t take a fuck.”

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  3. Most humor is archetypal and much of its effect is created by the timing and delivery of the person telling the joke. Thing is, by laughing at your own material you begin to create a love for the art. With a bit of study of some of the masters you’ll get the technical parts down to reflex… I think amusing yourself is actually the single most important key to being a good comedian… So definitely continue to laugh at your own jokes. πŸ™‚

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  4. Thanks for the compliment. Most of those cartoon ideas occur to me without any forethought I just sit down and grab the first thing that pops into my mind. Sometimes that works, sometimes it’s cringe worthy( see the above mentioned cringe button in the commentaries). Example: That made me think of a cartoon of a anti-social robot whose controls are mis-labeled; and he keeps hitting the cringe button instead of erudite.😊

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      • OMG how true… if you ride the improvisational pony, that’s the primary danger. There’s a delicate line between heaven and hell that you risk when making it up on the spot. Its worth it when you come up with a good joke, but an imploding dud can be very painful. In such instances I have crafted my own special place under a rock that I often crawl under… Its not as bad as it used to be, I’ve just recently installed a pool and smoothie bar there.

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        • That’s nice. There’s nothing like a cool dip and smoothie for dealing with embarrassment. Thanks for the comment, “someone”. I’m glad that someone reads my blog. Sure beats nobody.


  5. Nothing wrong with liking what you do. You should. Doing so publicly (with the like button) on a regular basis, seems strange to me. The ‘like button’ is meant for others to quickly respond to your post.

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