James Whistler's "Symphony in White." Or as I like to call it, "The Magnetic Bed."

James Whistler’s “Symphony in White.” Or as I like to call it, “The Magnetic Bed.”

Some folks practice meditation,
Adopting the cross-legged lotus position,
Wth spine straight,
Balancing heaven upon their heads.

I practice beditation,
Adopting a position in bed,
With body supine,
Feeling the weight of thin air upon my belly.

Some seek enlightenment.
Beditation is for benightenment.
But in a dark unknowing mind, like a dark night,
Tiny points of light are more easily seen.

The mind won’t rest, even in bed.
Mindfulness flexes its inner eye.
But the mind is shy and escapes to its own world.
It doesn’t like being stared at.

A successful sesshin of beditation
Is rewarded by sleep and wild dreams,
Followed by mind awakening,
Refreshed, reborn, and renewed.

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