I Am Really Really Excited

I just want to express how excited I am about the ongoing presidential campaigns. I really really like it. It is so much fun. I really really like to watch a speech. I don’t much like listening, but I really really like to watch. I don’t care who wins. I just want someone to win. That is very exciting. Whenever someone wins. I am always very disappointed when no one wins. But I am really really excited when everyone wins. I like to follow the issues. I don’t care what the issues are about, but isn’t it so much fun that we have issues? I like that people wave their arms a lot and shout things. That is really really fun to watch. I don’t like to watch Meet the Press. That is really really boring. I can’t wait to vote. I look forward to the feel of the ballot in my hands. The paper is really really thick and it smells good. I get very excited when I hold a pen in my hand and draw a line that connects an arrow together. That is really really cool. I like it so much that I always connect all the arrows together. Every single arrow. I have so much fun. Then I mail it in and then I don’t know what happens to it after that. Someone told me that all my arrows get counted. That is really really exciting. I was told that I could vote again on election day. But they wouldn’t let me in when I showed up and stood in line. I was really really bummed. I really really wanted to connect more arrows. I am not very educated well. But one of the presidential candidates said that he loves the poorly educated. I really really hope I can connect his arrow, too.

(This guest post was dictated to me by one of my neighbors, Joe Hoogeveen, who told me he really really wants a blog of his own.)

Categories: Politics

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