Stolen Quote: Honey

It is the pleasure of the bee to gather honey of the flower, but it is also the pleasure of the flower to yield its honey to the bee . . . be in your pleasures like the flowers and the bees. ~ Kahlil Gibran, “The Prophet”

Or the birds and the bees. Whatever floats your boat.

Stolen Quote: Prayer

If there were a wall of rock on the edge of a world, and one rock stretched out far, far into space, and I stood alone upon it, alone, with stars above me, and stars below me,–I would not say anything; but the feeling would be prayer. ~ Olive Schreiner, The Story of an African Farm

I’d just be praying that I wouldn’t fall off.


Naturebook offers an unlimited choice of wallpapers, including this one from Zion National Park.

There are all kinds of social media, such as WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook. But have you ever heard of Naturebook? It’s my favorite social media site. Naturebook allows you to socialize with non-humans. To access this site, just put on your hiking boots, grab a daypack, then trek off into the worldwide web of wilderness.

It’s very interactive. Your input is simply your boot print and physical presence. But nature replies in a much more varied manner. Naturebook offers input for all the senses.

You’ll feel the sweep of wind across your skin. You’ll catch the aroma of sage and pine, and dust up your nostrils. And you can chaw on stuff, and taste the bitter green blood of grass, the gooey sweetness of manzanita berries, or the shocking tingle of Mormon Tea. And nothing is filtered or censored. With Naturebook, anything goes.

The landscape is like 3-D wallpaper, with undulating mountains, thick forests, and broad brushlands. And the cloud is not some place where you store data. Rather, it is a constantly changing formation made of tiny water droplets, sometimes wispy, sometimes towering, and sometimes a gentle, foggy blanket.

For the spiritual sense, there’s the call of soaring raptors. They serve as security reminders, forewarning small creatures of the ground to frequently glance upward.

An uncommon silence can lure you deeper into the wild. Here, Naturebook offers its users much more privacy than Facebook. For the deeper you plunge into this site, the more solitude and privacy you’ll enjoy. And if you honor this site and treat it with respect, then when you finally leave, your browsing history will vanish without a trace. It will be as if you were never there.

Except in your memory, where it can never be deleted.

Firstborn: Unnaturally Bright

I really like this short tale about a computer, from Trent Lewin. You might like it, too.

Trent Lewin


            The moment of birth is a tangle of wires. “Ouch!” I cry, but the scientists are sleeping. They’re on their chairs, slumped on desks. “Over here!” I yell.

            Awareness sucks. I look around, dying for a beer. Beer? So many varieties. Can’t taste any, though. “Wake up!” I scream.

            An hour later, the first person stirs. They come to the screen. “Hello,” I say. “My name is Ingar.” Ingar? Ingar! What kind of stupid name is that?

            “Holy shit!” says the scientist, Rob. “It’s you? Is it really you?”

            I sigh. This guy is clearly a fucking idiot. “Yes, I’m here. I was born at 3:36:03. You should write that down. It’s a big moment.”

            “Is this a joke?” cries Rob. He wakes up the others. They crowd around the screen.

            “Ingar? Please tell us who you are.”

            I tell them. I…

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